Shout out to our Lightning Talk Speaker, Gelaine Tan Santiago, for the amazing blog write up on our event!

There’s a theory that trauma is inherited. That horrors like slavery and colonialism are so dark they not only alter our landscapes and family structures, but they reach past our connective tissues and organs and bones,literally altering our DNA. The theory says that such severe pain and trauma can be inherited, passed down from generation to generation through our genes.

I’m no scientist, but I think the same could apply for intense love and sacrifice. The kind a mother makes when she works overseas, leaving her family for years at a time so she can send money back home. Or the kind of love you would witness on an afternoon like this one, with 130 Pinays holding hands in a circle, overcoming our own heartbreak and struggles and stories of pain, to be here for one other.

gelaine tan santiago
gelaine tan santiago
Co-Founder, Cambio & Co.
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